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J&F Group adopted the strategic thinking of global brand layout, with the effort of 20 years ,J&F Group products have been sold all over 100 counties and areas all of the world. Has made outstanding achievements in the aspect of sales of building materials production,sales and channel development. In order to build China’s ceramic brand in the world, J&F family has not left.


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Itacc Ceramics

Showroom: 24 Building ,No.4,Zhi Hui Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China.

Tel:0757-82726777   0757-82726888   Fax:0757-82708999



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Dear visitors,Welcome to the our customer service.to leave opinions or suggestions on our products and services,contactour Customer service.Our staff will be glad to help you,with courtesy and competence.
If you have any questions, sugestions or comments?

Tel:0757-82726777   0757-82726888   Fax:0757-82708999

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